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SIC ROBO - Online Trading App

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Say Hello to Robo - Your Personal Stock Market Assistant

Discover a faster, smarter and more transparent way to transact in the direct equities. Built for mobile-savvy millennials and seasoned stock market investors, this robust stock market app offers simplified access to market information and intelligence. No more complex processes and confusing jargons. Analysing the market, online trading is now as easy as online shopping - and just as rewarding.

Calm on the Outside, Lean and Mean on the Inside

SIC Robo’s intuitive user interface is backed by state of the art algorithms in quantitative finance. With a market intelligence tool that was created to provide you with minute-to-minute analytics and insights on the health of your stocks, this is the last investment app you will need for investment management.

Ride the Bull - Anywhere, Anytime

When mere seconds can cause exponential profits or crippling losses, you need a platform that serves you with relevant market data in real-time. SIC ROBO is the best trading app with personalised notifications that alert you of scheduled events or turbulence, you can take complete control of your investments.

Developed by Industry Veterans

SIC Robo is the outcome of a financial company’s 25+ experience in tracking and guiding investments on the Indian and international stock market. The share market app powered by AI for online trading was developed with a vision to enable a novice to navigate the ups and downs of the market. But even professional traders implement its robust features and intelligence to grow their money without spending hours sifting through stock market data.
SIC is a SEBI registered organization, a member of NSE / BSE and also a depository participant with CDSL

Features That Awe Investors

portfolio management

One-Stop Platform for Portfolio Management

A first of its kind app for stock market tracking, business news updates and portfolio management (buying and selling) - all on a single AI driven online trading platform with an easy sign-up option.



A unique Financial market chatbot that can share insightful market intelligence, current stock information and even conduct complete transactions. All you need to do is ask. With Robotalk, ‘Search’ is a thing of the past.



Cut through the dramarama and get verified business news updates from over a 100 Indian and world financial sources. Know which stocks are on the rise and plan your investments accordingly.

Practice Accounts

Practice Accounts

Practice with a stock trading simulator that uses real market data to enable beginners to test the waters before jumping into the world of stock investment. Every user is given a virtual sum of Rs.10,00,000 for mock stock trading, learn the trade and build confidence.

Pulse Feed

Pulse Feed

An active dashboard that tracks real-time market movement gives you access to curated information in one glance. Simply set the parameters and select the companies you want the AI to monitor - then, sit back and let the Pulse track your stock health for you.

Data Security

Data Security

Personal and financial data is secured through in-transit encryption and multi-level firewall data storage on cloud servers. SIC Robo does not share any information with advertisers and third party vendors or store content on your device without your explicit and repeated permission.

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