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Welcoming ‘Research and Ranking’ in our B2B family

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We are ecstatic to have SEBI Registered Investment Advisors: ‘Research and Ranking’ in our family of B2B partners. Research and Ranking has been the flag bearer of long term investments since 2009. It has been assisting thousands of trading aficionados across the country and guided them through reliable market strategies. SICs AI will enable Research and Ranking take a giant leap in equity research and technology.

Research and Ranking believes that a profitable market decision requires innovative tools, well designed algorithms & advanced technologies. SICs versatile transactional platform will make these tools more accessible to Research and Rankings customers.

Speaking about SICs role in equity advising, Manish Goel (Founder/Director, Research and Ranking) said, Just like SIC, our approach to the stock market has always been scientific. We were looking for a broking firm that has in-depth understanding of the market. SICs revolutionary Artificial Intelligence makes it the perfect choice for research-based advisors like us.

Our CEO, Sidharth Handa shared, Research and Ranking has mentored traders in creating equity portfolios and provided them customised research reports. It is an efficient technology empowered firm that aims at delivering end-to -end’ investment solutions. SIC will help them achieve their vision. We hope our data-driven technology benefits them in every way possible.

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