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Beginner's Guide

A beginner’s adventure using SIC Robo: Day 2

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I am currently using a PRACTICE account in the App wherein I have 10 lakh rupees in virtual cash that I can trade in real-time share market. I have already addedsome stocks in my Watchlist and now I am ready to invest in those stocks.

As soon as I click on any of the stocks in my WATCHLIST, a screen appears showing three prices . From left to right these numbers indicate the Bid Price, Last Traded Price and Offer price of the stock. These three prices seem to be important in deciding which stock to BUY/SELL.

The Green ‘+’ Circle is to BUY; the RED ‘-‘ Circle is to SELL a stock.

After clicking on the BUY circle, the three order options i.e. LIMIT, TRIGGER and MARKET appear.










BID PRICE is the price at which I can SELL the stock 2954.3

the price at which the last transaction took place


OFFER PRICE the price at which I can BUY the stock 2969
CHANGE refers to the difference between the LAST TRADED PRICE and previous day CLOSING PRICE 2978 – 2927.5 = 50.5
% CHANGE CHANGE in percentage (indicates how much the stock has fluctuated by comparing it to the previous day) 1.73%


LIMIT: In this option, I can declare at what price I am willing to the trade the stock. This price will be lower than the LAST TRADED PRICE. This also means that I have decided to wait till the LAST TRADED PRICE falls to my ORDER PRICE. For example, let my ORDER PRICE be 2950. If the LAST TRADED PRICE, which is currently at 2978 falls to 2950, the order will be successfully completed.

TRIGGER: In this option, I get to control my losses by entering a TRIGGER PRICE. This type of order is also called as ‘STOP LOSS BUY ORDER’. Let’s say, I want to buy the stock at the price of 2950, which is lower than the LAST TRADED PRICE of 2978. This means I have decided to wait for the stock prices to fall. However, instead of falling, if the price rises to 3050 and I lose my chance of buying the stock. In this case, I can place a TRIGGER PRICE of 3020, which will alert me to buy the stock before it rises any further.

MARKET: In this option, I will choose to order stocks at whatever price they are available. Here in lies the risk, where the stock prices might shoot up substantially by the time I place my order. (For Example: 2978 becomes 3000)







I have ordered 20 stocks at the LIMIT price of 2977. I can MODIFY or CANCEL this order before the stock reaches the price of 2977.


I have shown my current POSITION in the Market below. My Current Cash Balance after investing in HDFC, MARICO and RELIANCE is indicated on the top right corner. My overall loss in the market is of 240.5 rupees and my EXPOSURE (Current Total Money in the Market) is indicated on top left corner.
























To make better market decisions, I think I should look into the technicalities of these stocks. The TECHNICAL options in BASKET tabs looks promising. It is currently unavailable as I do not have a LIVE Account at the moment. I am going to call the Helpline Number to UPGRADE TO A LIVE ACCOUNT.








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