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SIC sponsors India’s first student run wealth management company

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It brings us immense joy to sponsor MoneyLiterate, India’s first student run wealth management company. MoneyLiterate is an educational organization that strives to make youngsters more financially aware. It annually trains students in real world stock market trading. It has currently invested in 15 companies, 4 mid cap and 3 high cap funds.

In the current 12 month module, a select group of 20 wealth managers from the ages of 13-18 are chosen. These wealth managers are guided by Arnav Reddy (Founder, MoneyLiterate) and other guest speakers from leading wealth management companies in India.

The wealth managers are taught about what the stock market is, how it functions, how to decide which funds to invest in and how to track their investments. They are then divided into 4 groups and encouraged to invest in the share market based on group discussions. It is a risk free program that ensures students think independently, take risks and analyse the market for themselves before investing.

Speaking about this interesting concept, our CEO, Sidharth Handa said ‘Just like an art-form, investment too needs lots of practice and dedication. Starting at such an early age will make them confident finance professionals in the future. We hope our sponsorship will help these students become more market friendly and independent.’


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