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SIC-SMI App Launch

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On 17th September 2018, SIC had an incredible opportunity of interacting with the dedicated team of SMI (Stock Market Institute) on the occasion of SIC-SMI App Launch. As their name suggests, SMI is a financial education institute that uniquely trains young traders as well as professionals. We are immensely happy to see SMI’s vision take shape through SIC’s technology.

SMI’s ambitious co-founder and CEO, Mr. Deepak Kumar said ‘SMI wishes to develop real-time trading maturity in novice traders. We aim to do that through practical exposure and that’s exactly where SIC steps in. SIC’s transactional platform provides a safe space where trading enthusiasts can take risks with 10 lakh rupees in virtual cash. Traders can invest this amount in stocks and learn without the fear of losing any money.’

Speaking about SMI’s interactive learning format, our CEO, Mr. Sidharth Handa said ‘SMI is not just focusing on the basics of stock market. Instead, it is creating a learning environment that will make traders more independent in the future. SMI’s one-of-a-kind courses enhance critical thinking, analytical techniques and strategic planning that will help traders throughout their life.’

Watch the entire video of the SIC-SMI App launch here!

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