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Opportunity for new investor: SIC INVSTR

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‘There has never been a better time to invest in Indian markets’ – Kerim Derhalli (CEO, Invstr) while sharing his thoughts with CITY A.M. 


In a recent study conducted by Raoul Pal, Founder/CEO, Global Macro Investor, it was observed that the Indian economy has finally reached its inflection point. Raoul came across the country’s young and dynamic population, and a government that wants to tap into this demographic dividend. In conversation with India’s 4 leading investment experts: Rahul Khanna, Dilip Cherian, Deepak Bagla and Harsh Gupta, Raoul came across the force that will drive the Indian economy forward powerfully.

Speaking about the country’s strength and position in world economy, Deepak Bagla said ‘India is the 3rd largest economy in terms of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP).  IMF has recorded 6.7-6.8% growth last year and estimated 7.3% growth for the next year. By 2022-2023, India will be a 4 trillion-dollar economy focused towards inclusion of the middle-class population in equities.’

Harsh Gupta (Fund Manager, Ashika Investments) added, ‘Various opportunities have opened up due to the massive structural reforms such as GST, Bankruptcy law, inflation targeting and other welfare reforms by the government. India’s consumer discretionary spending power is going to shoot up in the next two decades.’

On a lighter note, Rahul Khanna (Portfolio Manager, Habrok Capital Management LLP) said ‘If you invest right now, you can be assured your kids will be very rich in 15-20 years. Investors and entrepreneurs are all set to change the face of the Indian economy.’

SIC is proud to act as a transactional platform for the new age Mobile Trading App: ‘Invstr’. With ‘Invstr’, you too can be a part of our country’s investment driven approach. It provides you the most technologically advanced way of capitalising the available investment opportunities.


Watch the full video HERE.

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