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6 facts you must know SIC Robo’s Practice account

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1) It is absolutely free!

Practice accounts at SIC are built to encourage new and upcoming traders. It is an educational App for anyone who wants to learn professional trading.


2) It is easy-to-use

Practice Account is designed for everyone with a zest for learning. From students wanting to invest their pocket money, to professional offline traders wanting to go online, SIC Robo makes market more accessible to all us.


3) It is Risk free

You get 10 lakh Rupees as Virtual Cash to invest in real-time market. You can take risks, buy, sell, experiment with different stocks and learn from your mistakes without losing any money.


4) It tracks your progress

SIC keeps constant track of all your market activities. It tells you about your market exposure, stock positions and daily orders. This will help you study your past market decisions and understand what was profitable/not profitable for you.


5) It has a wide range of features

Even in a Practice Account, you get access to the PULSE, NEWS, WATCHLIST and ROBOTALK just like our LIVE RoboTraders. Before switching to a Live account, you have ample of time to get comfortable with our trader friendly UI.


6) It lets you make the decisions

Our Practice Account lets you decide when you want to switch to a Live account, which means the control is in your hands. When you feel like you have learned the basics, you can always talk to our Customer Care and ask for a LIVE ACCOUNT.



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