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RoboTalk : Your stock market assistant is now smarter

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Handpicked market news, personalised for you


Robo’s ‘News’ section is gaining popularity amongst traders for its screening ability. It receives new from 125+ news channels across the web and filters it to save the readers time. These filters use Artificial Intelligence to display only what’s latest, most searched and most viewed on the web.

Robo’s ‘Watchlist’ section is helping traders isolate their favorite stocks from the herd. It is giving investors the power to customize, focus on select few stocks and bring clarity to stock decisions. It sends instant notifications whenever there is a news on there scrips on there watchlist.


SIC Robo brings the ‘NEWS’ and ‘WATCHLIST’ section together for a cool feature.


1) Time saving: It smartly declutters hundreds of news articles on the internet to save your time.

2) Curated: It features relevant NEWS based only on your WATCHLIST stocks.

3) Instant: Open the ‘RoboTalk’ screen and listen to minute-by minute updates throughout the day.

4) Unmissable: Close the ‘RoboTalk’ screen and you still receive alert messages to check later.


Take trading decisions faster, better, smarter!

Only with SIC Robo!


Download SIC Robo now!

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