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Latest Update: New Baskets, Hourly Notifications & Free Robo-advisory

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We hope you have updated your SIC Robo App. To make your investment choices smarter, we have made the following improvements:


The ‘ALL UPDATES’ section includes 4000+ BSE (A-group) stocks. This feed is extensive and common for all our app users. To enjoy personalised feed that includes only your WATCHLIST stocks, you can switch to ‘MY UPDATES’ anytime. This ensures you save time by reading only what you want to read.


You can create 3 different clean and clutter free WATCHLISTs. All your previously traded stocks are listed under ‘MY STOCKS’ to make portfolio reviewing easier.

Clickable links for the well-informed trader

Financial news articles from 125+ channels are sent to you via RoboChat. Whenever your WATCHLIST stock is in the news, our powerful AI sends you instant news alerts. You can now click on the news link and read the entire report before entering trades.

7 Brand new BASKETS

A wide range of Fundamental, Technical and Robo BASKETS have been added to cater both the long term and short term traders. Additional filters will improve your market understanding.

Robo Hourly Update / Stock Move Update

Now you don’t have to stare at screens to track your stock’s price movement. Neither do you have to constantly check your phone to understand market flow. SIC Robo sends you instant AI notifications based on your WATCHLIST.

Free Robo-Advisory (Saved the last for the best)

Novice traders who are looking for short term trades can now get BUY, STOP LOSS and TARGET advice in the PULSE section! Welcome to the future of Mobile App Trading!

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