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Latest Update : 7 New Baskets

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Welcome to the future of Mobile App trading! We are happy to announce that our latest update is now available. This update brings you 7 New Baskets based on Fundamental, Technical and Robo filters.

Our Futuristic AI has separated BSE stocks into several BASKETS. It curates these BASKETS such that it meets the needs of every investor.

Let’s take a look at these 7 NEW Baskets and understand how it helps you trade smarter:


Turnaround Stocks

Turnaround stocks are essential to every well-diversified portfolio. Interestingly, every successful stock that we see today was once in a turnaround.

FILTER 1: Companies making Quarterly Net Profit more than previous Quarter loss

FILTER 2: Positive Operating Profit (Growth in Profit)

Undervalued Stocks

These are the stocks currently being sold at a price below actual. Undervalues stocks are extremely popular amongst ‘Value Investors’ who make the most of these golden opportunity stocks.

FILTER 1: Market Capitalisation of more than 100 crores

FILTER 2: High Growth rate

FILTER 3: Graham Number (Measure of stock’s fundamental value)

Value Stocks

These stocks are currently being sold at deflated price due to market over reaction. Value Stocks are sought after for their deep rooted long term fundamentals. Ex. Debt Equity, ROCE and quality.

FILTER 1: Profit more than 100 CR.

FILTER 2: Near Zero Debt-Equity

FILTER 3: ROCE greater than 40%


Robo BASKET gives you time based trading opportunities. The appropriate Trading Buy, SL (Stop Loss) and TGT (Target) is given. This creates a minimum risk method for trading beginners.

15 Day Buys

These stocks are expected to give returns within 15 Days.

FILTER 1: Bullish Engulfing

FILTER 2: Above 200 DMA

3 Month Buys

These stocks are expected to give returns in 3 months.

FILTER 1: Strong growth in fundamentals

FILTER 2: Trading above 200 DMA


50 DMA Up

These stocks are considered Bullish. The price is rising or is expected to rise. The rise indicates confidence amongst investors and good economy. The uptrend is not time based and can last for any number of days.

FILTER: Stocks trading above 50 Day Moving Average

50 DMA down

These stocks are considered Bearish. The price is falling due to panic amongst traders who are selling these stocks in a hurry. You can take advantage of this fall and buy stocks at lower than usual prices.

FILTER: Stocks trading below 50 Day Moving Average

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