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As investors we keep checking our phones throughout the day. We keep switching between apps and websites looking for the right stock market news. So what type of news do we look for?


Markets are volatile and need to be watched closely. Our stocks are affected by any news, big and small, throughout the day. We need 24/7 information supply to ensure we never miss out on what matters.


Our reaction time to stock movements should be as little as possible. A few minutes of delay, and we might lose big money. We need a rapid news portal where we can immediately take a ‘BUY’ or ‘SELL’ call.


With so many fake news articles going around, we need screened NEWS that can be trusted. We need legit sources, especially when its our hard earned money at stake.


Not all NEWS that we read on portals is relevant to us. A stock that I might be eager about, might not be interesting to you. You might be interested in Auto stocks and I might be enthusiastic about IT sector, So what happens then? We both end up reading about 100 stocks (Auto, Real Estate, IT everything) and invest in 2-3 of them (IT for me, Auto for you). Ideally, we both should get curated news only about the stock that we show interest in.

Time Saving

The news should be short and to the point. With our busy schedules, we have only so much time to invest and monitor stocks. We deserve smart NEWS curated only for us based on our previous stock choices, risk capacities, and capital.


Stock market is influenced by every occurrence: local, national and global. From Indian government’s constantly evolving policies to Trump’s tweet about the supreme leader of Iran, BSE is fragile and easily affected by the world around us. We need to know what exactly caused our stock price to rise/fall in our to become a better investor over time.

SIC Robo understands the NEED OF THE HOUR. It uses 100s of news portals, twitter feeds plus BSE announcements. With the help of futuristic AI, 124 news portals and the internet in general, we have developed ROBO NEWS ALERTS. We deliver NEWS that is consistent, fast, trustworthy, curated, time saving and expansive. And the best part? Its all free!

Wanna know how we curate NEWS especially for you? Watch this 1-minute video now:

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