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5 coolest new SIC Robo features that are making trading fun!

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Its powerful, cutting edge and faster than ever before. SIC Robo’s latest app UPDATE is all set to blow your minds. After receiving immense success at the SKOCH Awards 2019, SIC is ready to take things to the next level. It has introduced major improvements that will make trading an immersive fun experience! Here are the 5 latest features that will upgrade your trading style for good!

New buttons on the Main Menu

SIC Robo has added multiple new buttons that will make your trading smoother! Now you can start a RoboTalk quicker with a simple button on the Main Menu. Get Broker Details, read Indices, or UPGRADE to a LIVE ACCOUNT, all on a single tap!

The golden ‘MORE’ button

Apart from the older Buy, Sell & Track button, SIC has introduced the life-changing ‘More’ button. By bringing every microscopic yet crucial piece of stock information together, it has already become everyone’s favorite! Keep reading to find out more

1 screen, 28 Technicals

As soon as you click on the ‘More’ button, it opens 3 tabs. The first one unfolds 28 Technicals that are essential for every trader. Our research based algorithms keep on crunching information that is directly sourced from BSE. The best part? It all fits beautifully in a single screen.

In-depth Market Events

The 2nd tab monitors minute-by-minute fluctuations of your favorite stock. It creates a clearer picture of how the stock has performed in the past few days. Now you can analyze the stock data yourself and make INDEPENDENT market decisions.

Stock specific News

SIC has taken note of all the NEWS reading fans and stepped up its game with ‘Stock specific News’. This 3rd tab filters NEWS from 125+ sources (including BSE, Twitter etc) to precisely find out what is affecting your stock. It reports every block trade, global/local news and government policies.

We hope you are enjoying these amazing features as much as we are. Let us know how is your experience in the COMMENTS BELOW. We look forward to hearing from you.

Happy trading folks!

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