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The SIC Robo Home screen is concise, easy to read and loaded with information. It ensures you never miss any Market Event or News. Our state-of-the-art AI provides you all the information you need to trade smartly. The entire screen is divided into 3 parts:

i. Home screen
ii. Trading Space
iii. Update curation

i. The Home Screen

As soon as you start the SIC Robo App, you see the Sensex and Bankex points with the daily movement displayed next to it.

ii. Trading Space

The screen beneath it is ‘Trading Space’. It is divided into two parts: 1) Pulse & 2) News.

1) Pulse

The Pulse section shows real time market events. Quiet literally, it is the ‘Pulse’ of SIC Robo and the stock market. Each section 4 details:

i. Stock Name

ii. Market Event (ex. Top Loser, Monthly High, Below 50 DMA etc)

iii. Time of event

iv. Current stock price

2) News

The News section shows real time market News. It provides News from over 125 channels including BSE & Twitter.

It offers the following 7 types of market moving News in one single screen:

Block Trades

Global News

Local News

Stock specific News

Sector Specific News

Intraday News

BSE Announcements

iii. Update curation

SIC Robo allows you to filter PULSE and NEWS section with a simple click.

On the top right corner of your screen you will see three dots. Click on these dots to switch from ‘All updates’ to ‘My updates’ . The ‘My updates’ section filters all stocks and displays information only about your personal stocks. These are the stocks you’ve either bought, searched for or added to your Watchlist.

Quick Tip: Our expert investors recommend that you choose ‘My updates’ section to avoid seeing unnecessary stock information. It will save you a lot of time through the day.

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