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Pulse – Stock

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Trading Mobile App for Buy and Sell

When you click on a stock in the Pulse section, a table opens up. Here you can read all the stock prices and quantities in real-time. Below this table, there are 4 buttons. Let us understand how do these buttons make your daily trading easier.

Buy / Sell

In stock markets, just like anywhere else, timing is of the essence. A few seconds of delay can cause you an excellent trading opportunity or a lot of money. The SIC Robo ‘BUY’ and ‘SELL’ button understands that very well. It keeps trading crisp and to the point.
To BUY/SELL in a single tap:

1. Enter type of Order (Limit/Market/StopLoss)
2. Enter the quantity of stocks
3. Type in your order price
4. Choose Validity (Day/IOC)
5. Enter the disclosed quantity of stock
6. Review Order


If a stock grabs your interest but you don’t want to BUY it right now, add it to your WATCHLIST. The Track button sends you hourly notifications of your WATCHLIST stock price. It also sends you an alert when the WATCHLIST stock is mentioned in the news.

You can remove a stock from your WATCHLIST anytime you want. This helps you maintain a list of your favorite stocks. It gives you time to properly study a stock before BUYING/SELLING it.


Here you will see around 24 Technicals placed in a single screen. Want to know what each of these terms mean? Watch out for the next Knowledge Base post.

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