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Beginner's Guide

A beginner’s adventure using SIC Robo

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We thought having a fresh perspective to our SIC Robo would help. So we asked a recently graduated student to take a look at our app and try to explore features and make sense of them. This multi-part series covers that experience as she dives deep into the Robo App & goes from a novice to a full fledged Robotrader..

Share markets and trading have always seemed too complicated to me. But recently, a friend of mine (who is also a student) told me about an App that helped him make money online. He told me how easy it was, and I was suddenly interested in knowing more about the App.

I knew that the SIC Robo App is a trading App for professionals. It features over 5000 A-listed BSE stocks to make trading faster for veteran traders throughout the country. What I did not know, is that it’s also a practice App for absolute beginners like me. I can safely use 10 lakh rupees to practice virtual trading in actual share market. There is no risk of losing money, which is highly likely due to my lack of experience. I’m looking forward to experiment with virtual money and self-learn how to trade smartly. Let’s get started!





Day 1:

The App is installed and my account is set up. It was quicker than I expected. My phone number, a password and pin is all I needed to get started.

The first screen after login shows 3 main tabs called ‘Pulse’, ‘News’ and ‘Watchlist’. The PULSE shows real-time information about several stocks. It gets updated with every rise and fall in stock price. It keeps track of the stock trends to help the new user decide which stock to deal with.

Every stock name has a different statement below it, like ‘Made monthly low’ or ‘Made 52 week high’, ‘Positive trend indications’ or ‘Buy Side Trading opportunity’. I still have to figure out what these statements written in red and green mean.

The NEWS tab is definitely easier to understand. It is exactly what I expected it to be. It is worldwide Economic News that might be helpful in the share market decision making.

The WATCHLIST tab suggested that I add a few stocks to watch list. This is basically going to help me in keeping an eye on stocks that I might be interested in. As of now, I am going to add the stocks in PULSE which show positive statements like ‘Made monthly High’, ‘Made 52 week high’ and ‘Positive trend indications’.























All the stocks listed on Pulse can be added to the watchlist. By simply clicking on any of the stocks in Pulse, you can find this window which indicates (from L to R) the Bid Price, Last Traded Price and Offer price of that stock. Following numbers are also provided.

Open: Price at which the stock opened today

Close: Price at which the stock closed yesterday

High: Highest price of the stock today (Till Time)

Low: Lowest price of the stock today (Till Time)

Volume: Total amount stocks currently in market

Time: Last time ‘High’ and ‘Low’ got updated

Here you will also find the Add to watchlist button that will help you get notifications every time this stock changes

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