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Muhurat trading: How can you benefit?

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Muhurat trading is a 60-year-old tradition followed by several generations of traders. During the muhurat, planets are believed to align themselves in an auspicious way. Trades made during this period are fruitful. They bring prosperity, wealth and happiness.

In the last 15 years of muhurat trading, BSE has closed higher 78% percent times. Muhurat trading 2018 brought a 0.7% rise in the BSE Sensex. The overall sentiment of the market was hopeful and enthusiastic. Stocks were traded in high volumes that created a lot of unmissable trading opportunities.

The muhurat trading session has a long term effect on the market. Unexpected stocks become viable during this precious hour. This year, the Bombay Stock Exchange will open for an hour on October 27 for Muhurat Trading. The pre-opening session will be between 6 pm and 6:08 pm and opening bell ceremony at 6.15 pm. The trading will continue for an hour up to 7.15 pm. We invite all of you to participate in this festive trading session.

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