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Technical trading with SIC Robo

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The stock market is often believed to be luck-based and unpredictable. Trends come and go, and you keep wondering what did you do wrong. We all spend hours scrolling hundreds of websites, watching the news, asking friends for the right advice. But when the decision goes wrong, all the hard work (and capital, of course!) is wasted.

The easiest way to invest

Mature traders and disciplined investors realize this very quickly, that there is no easy way to invest. But there is one organized plan that can put your trading career on track. It is called ‘Technical Study’.

Instead of running around for advice, panicking under market pressure and taking calls based emotion, we can start understanding the market flow.

Technical Trading: Is it really easy?

Technical trading is taking BUY/SELL calls based on technical data. You study the stock’s numbers from the first time it was traded, till today. Then you predict its future, based on all the collected data. Thousands of mathematicians and investment geniuses across the world such as Gerald Appel, J. Welles Wilder, Jr. and Donald R. Lambert have discovered indicators. These indicators help you determine whether you should BUY, SELL or HOLD a stock. These indicators are trusted by millions of traders across international exchanges. But this number of traders practicing technical trading is still small. Not every one of us has the time to calculate indicators. The data required to calculate these indicators is vast, hard to find and forever changing. With every passing minute, more and more numbers are added to the calculation.

How do I calculate technical indicators?

It’s simple! You don’t! After years of research, SIC Robo has designed smart ALGORITHMS that calculated these indicators for you. These algorithms track real-time market data and calculate indicators on their own. It saves your time, helps you trade faster and be independent.

SIC Robo: 24 technicals, one screen

We have brought together 24 different indicators in one beautiful single screen. So your next market call will be based on scientifically accurate data. Go ahead! Take charge of your Stock Market Future. Start trading with SIC Robo now.

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