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SIC Robo’s latest iOS update is here

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The much awaited update of SIC Robo’s iOS version has finally arrived! We have completely redesigned the user interface for a smoother experience. With our slick designs, you’ll be able to trade faster than ever before.

Do we support Dark Mode now?

Yes! The amount of requests for this feature made it our top priority. The SIC Robo iOS App now supports Dark Mode for iOS 13 and above.

What did we change in stock quotes?

We’ve made the stock quotes striking and impressive. The screens are polished for seamless, distraction-free trading.

Do we have offer technical insights?

A dozen of them! Simply go to a stock quote, click on more and read detailed technical indicators anywhere, anytime. 

What’s new in Baskets?

On popular demand, we’ve created the Combination Basket Category for 15 days and 3 month opportunities. This’ll make trading straightforward for novice traders.

What did we remove?

The clutter in position views! The Intraday Summary and Overall position summary will be available separately. Get in-depth market analysis at lightning fast speeds.

What did we add? 

Real-time Index quotes and Index participant quotes for more than 40 BSE indices. All the information you need is available at the touch of a button. Need we say more?

Get the latest App update here: https://bit.ly/SICiOSupdate

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